Reciprocating Grate Biomass Boiler

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Climate Neutral
Wide Fuel Adaptability
>30 Year Design Life
Highly Fuel Efficienct
Low NOx Emissions
Quick Startup
Low Emissions
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Product Outline

Tuff Boiler has developed an Industry leading technology for biomass boiler systems. The boiler has reciprocating grate / step grate combustion equipment which helps to achieve maximum possible efficiency.

Boiler has a structural design with a large water tube double drum based furnace to accommodate maximum fuels variations and to cater process steam variable load demands. Boiler is supported with multiple primary and secondary air inlets to enhance fuel flexibility and combustion efficiency. Typical system can achieve up to 86% over all efficiency.

The boiler can be equipped with a oil (gas) ignition burner for automatic startup ignition. Boiler feeding, burning, slag removal, water supply, ignition can be automatically controlled, and the operation is very convenient and flexible. The boiler is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, which can timely collect the ash from the heating surface of the boiler to ensure efficient and stable operation of the boiler. An economizer is arranged at the tail of the boiler, and an air preheater can also be arranged according to the system and application. Compared with traditional boilers, the boilers are more efficient and have a lower exhaust gas temperature

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