Water Tube Steam Boiler

Gas and Oil Fired


High Energy Saving
Excellent Insulated
>30 Year Design Life
Dual Fuel Design for Gas and Oil
Quick Startup
Low Emissions
Compact Arrangement
Modular Design

Product Outline

The SZS boiler using of membrane tube water cool wall, reduce the traditional refractory materials such as fire bricks and high tem perature resistance concrete, in the meantime cut down the boiler isolation material weight by 50%. The WNS adopted special three layers isolation method, to make the boiler outside surface temperature less than 42℃ in operation. Low heat conduct factor and high heat isolation ability, the isolation layers reduce boiler heat loss dram atically, which could be lower than 10% . Light weight of the material, 1/5~1/10 of the traditional refractory material, or 1/20 of norm al firebricks, all above make the boiler less volume and weight. As one of the new isolation material, it is low thermal capacity, 3~5 tim es of the regular material, make it slower temperature increasing and lower heat loss.

Typical Users



Paper & Board

Edible Oil

Apparel & Garment

General Industries