AQC, PH/SP Boiler

Cement Plant Solutions


Industry Leading Efficiency
Excellent Insulated
>30 Year Design Life
Minimum Gas Pressure Drop
Fully Automatic
Natural / Forced Circulation
Horizontal / Vertical Arrangement
Fin / Bare tube Design

Product Outline

HBG has begun to design the heat recovery boiler for cement kiln since 2002. The first heat recovery boilers (including kiln head and rear) were put into use in 2003, then succeeded in generating electricity and acceding to the net, and scores of other units are being in use up to now. The product described herein is the partly optimized design on the basis of the past experience.

This product is the Waste Heat Boiler for Cement kiln head calcination cooler in the cement production line. This boiler (for short AQC boiler), along with the Waste Heat Boiler for kiln rear preheater in the cement production line (for short SP boiler) forms the waste heat recovery system.With the development of the calcination technology of the cement clinker, the energy conservation in cement industry has got a great improvement. For the high temperature waste heat has been reused in the cement's production, the energy consumption of the cement clinker has been decreased to 3000~3300KJ/Kg now, in contrast to 4600~6700KJ/Kg in the past. Due to technical limits, there is still plenty of the middle & low temperature heat wasted, this energy loss is still very serious. The heat of the middle & low temperature waste gases, which are below 450􀀂, discharged from the cement clinker cooling machine of the kiln head and preheater of the kiln rear accounts for about 35% of the total consume in this system. So it's necessary for the cement supplier to recycle the waste heat through AQC & SP boiler, it will decrease the significant energy consumption, thus the competitive capacity of the enterprise will be increased greatly.