Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology

Utility & Industrial Solution


Industry Leading Efficiency
>30 Year Design Life
Highly Fuel Flexible
Annual Operating Hours >8,000
Minimum Environmental Foot Prints
>50 Years Manufacturing Experience
Highly Reliable Operation
Highest Safety Factor

Product Outline

In our 40 years on the basis of the circulating fluidized bed boiler design, operating experience, while the introduction of professional and technical personnel has long been engaged in large‐scale circulating fluidized bed boiler design and have been trained abroad, development and design. Absorbing domestic and foreign has been put into operation in large‐scale circulating fluidized bed boiler technology to digest, absorb successful operating experience, learn, learn from each other for high temperature and high pressure circulating fluidized bed projects to provide reliable, efficient, technical level first‐class boiler products.

High, large furnace design, furnace coal particles pass residence time, can effectively reduce the amount of fly ash carbon when burning design coal, effective control of the furnace exit temperature, both efficient combustion, nor the possibility of coking. Volute cyclone separator efficiency as high as >99.5% which ensure the boiler high efficiency, reduced fly ash carbon content and of the fundamental guarantee of the rear part of low‐wear. Front centralized multi‐point supply of coal, power plant's coal feeding system is simple & reliable. Lower fluidization velocity and a reasonable primary and the secondary air ratio to ensure optimum boiler combustion efficiency. Advanced wear resistant high‐temperature nozzle to ensure the reliability and service life of the air distribution device, and ensure that no leakage of ash. Universal U‐shaped valve with self‐balancing features to ensure that the materials cycle, reliable, multi‐layer air distribution to ensure that the recycling device free from coking.




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