FBC Thermal Oil Heater

Fuel Flexible Solution


Operating Temperature Upto 400C
Flexible Operation
>30 Year Design Life
Fuel Flexible Design
Quick Startup
Low Emissions
Highly Efficient
Compact Arrangement

Product Outline

Fluidized bed combustion (FBC) Oil Heater has such a wide fuel adaptability that it can be fueled by coal and biomass of low calorific value of 1,000 to 7,000 kcal/kg or low volatile material, and even by gangue, oil shale discarded by other oil heaters.

Besides, the good insulation effect, convenient start-up and shutdown, high fuel burn-out rate and advanced dust collection device have satisfied the production requirements of varied formulation and large production fluctuation elasticity, which brings a very prominent, practical significance and social significance considering the energy shortage and rising fuel prices today. Wide fuel adaptability | It can be fueled by high quality coal or inferior coal (such as oil shale, bone coal, coal gangue, bituminous coal and anthracite with calorific value of 6281-10468kJ/kg(1500-2500ca1/kg), as well as slag incompletely burned by grate firing boiler for blend combustion. Intensifying combustion High combustion efficiency | High heat load of furnace unit cross-section, high bed heat transfer coefficient, and high combustion efficiency (up to 90-95%).




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