Pulverized Coal (PC) Boiler

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Highest Efficiency in Class >95%
High Safety Factor
>30 Year Design Life
Tuff Cloud Connected
Quick Startup
Low NOx Emissions
Compact Arrangement
Fully Auto Control

Product Outline

The pulverized coal is concentrated and uniformly supplied by the milling factory, with stable coal quality. Pulverized coal combustion is sufficient, boiler heat transfer effect is good, air excess coefficient is small, and system thermal efficiency is high; power consumption equipment with large power is equipped with frequency converter, and the power saving effect is obvious.

It adopts double-drum vertical arrangement, with compact structure, small footprint and good flame fullness. Using conventional milling technology, the raw coal can be ground to the desired particle size to be used as a fuel. Our company's pulverized coal boiler has internationally advanced technology and true original spirit in the core technology of “industrial boiler system with coal powder as fuel”. At present, the project has obtained 2 national invention patents.




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