Raw Water Treatment Solutions


Encouraging sustainable environment

Membrane Distillation (FORTIS-RO)
High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis(FORTIS-HRO)
Ultrafiltration Plus Reverse Osmosis (FORTIS-URO)
Demineralization (Demin) Plants
Electro-Deionization (EDI)
Industrial Process Water

Product Outline

Fortis Ventures (Private) Limited is one of the few companies in the Pakistan offering both membrane-based and thermal desalination technologies. We are committed to reducing our clients’ energy and water footprints, creating the best customer experience in the process. In addition to full scale plants developed under Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and BOOT contracts, we offer customized, pre-engineered solutions that provide a compact footprint and reduced installation time.

Fortis Ventures (Private) Limited has developed energy efficient technology to focus on membrane desalination’s two biggest pain points: biofouling and energy consumption. Our proprietary process couples cutting edge pretreatment, an innovative cleaning cycle, and unique RO plant design to deliver: