Reciprocating Grate Oil Heater

Biomass Fuel Solutions


Climate Neutral Technology
High Heating Temperature Upto 400C
Excellent Insulated
>30 Year Design Life
Variety of Biomass Fuel Option Available
Low NOx Emissions
Tuff Cloud Connected
Fully Scada Controlled

Product Outline

Tuff, relying on the support of scientific research institutions and rich experiences from over 1000 relevant domestic projects, has accumulated operational experience in DR(W) series biomass fired organic heat carrier boiler and acquired a mature, professional and systematic biomass fired heat supply technologies. The boiler mainframe is horizontally placed in coil structure. The furnace heating surface is appropriately arranged by characteristics of different biomasses to control the outlet flue gas temperature of furnace, so as to prevent from slag deposition. Close-packed coil around the furnace and ceiling tubes on the roof of the furnace, constituting the radiation heating surface, can absorb the heat from the high temperature flue gas in the furnace.

Typical Users



Paper & Board

Edible Oil

Apparel & Garment

General Industries