Thermal Power Solutions

Carbon Neutral Technology


Thermal Power Plants up to 200MWe
A- Biomass Fired B- Coal Fired C- Gas & Oil Fired
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Up to 200MWe
Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant (WHRPP)
For Cement, Glass and Steel Industries
Solar Power Plants
Up to 200MWe
Renewable Energy
Up to 100MWe

Product Outline

The availability and affordability of biomass and coal makes it a critical fuel in Pakistan that is striving to meet the energy needs of tomorrow. Biomass, Coal, gas and oil-fired power plants are well positioned to deliver additional capacity to growing segments of the Pakistan as long as we use our best technology to lessen the related environmental impact. If anyone is up for the challenge, we are.

At Fortis Ventures (Private) Limited we use our unrivalled expertise every day to help customers get tailored systems that stand the test of time, while continually driving improved efficiency and performance benchmarks.

We offer customers exceptional flexibility. From a single component to a full power plant, our broad range of products covers a large scope of applications and a wide range of fuels including coal, Biomass, Gas and Oil. We put our years of steam power expertise to work, generating power that is reliable, efficient, easy to integrate and operate. Our customers can count on us to help them deliver as much energy as possible, to the greatest number of people, in the most efficient way. Our relationship goes beyond the technology or our team of experts; it's a partnership based on a shared commitment to make sustainable power possible for people around the world, and right around the corner.

Which is why we design and build competitive assets and extend their life cycles.

Which is why we offer more ways than anyone else to generate electricity cleanly.

So we provide balanced and dependable operations of power assets.