Gas (Oil) Fired Oil Heater

DRS Series


Dual Fuel Design for Gas and Oil
Design Oil Temperature Upto 400C
Least Emissions
Even Heat Distribution
Efficiency Upto 99%
>30 Year Design Life
Convenient Maintenance
Quick Startup

Product Outline

DRS oil (gas) thermal oil heater is a high-tech and energy-saving product that integrates electromechanical, combustion and heat exchange. It is divided into two kinds: vertical type and horizontal type, among which horizontal type adopts coil wet back type, and three return layout structure with heating surface consisting of three sets of parallel coils(the inner coil is a combustion furnace; the gap between inner coil and middle coil and the gap between middle and outer coils are flow gas channel of convection heating surface). In order to reduce the temperature of the rear smokebox, a hoop coil is set at the rear. The large furnace and abundant heating surfaces of the boilers ensure that the boiler output and thermal efficiency meet the specified requirements.




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