Smoke Tube Steam Boiler

Gas and Oil Fired


High Energy Saving
>30 Year Design Life
Dual Fuel Design for Gas and Oil
Quick Startup
Low Emissions
Excellently Insulated
Compact Arrangement
Modular Design

Product Outline

To achieve good performance of heat transferring, Tuff WNS series boiler design the boiler with three passes: the first is the corrugated furnace, the second is the fire tubes arranged at both side of the furnace, the third is the fire tubes on the top of the furnace. All the designs placed the furnace that endure the highest temperature is cooled and surrounded by water at the bottom. The boiler operation safety is then improved. The symmetrical designing will reduce the stress differential to minimal when the boiler in operation, then extended the boiler life.

Typical Users



Paper & Board

Edible Oil

Apparel & Garment

General Industries