Waste Heat Recovery Power

For Cement, Glass & Steel


Thermal Power Plants up to 200MWe
A- Biomass Fired B- Coal Fired C- Gas & Oil Fired
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Up to 200MWe
Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant (WHRPP)
For Cement, Glass and Steel Industries
Solar Power Plants
Up to 200MWe
Renewable Energy
Up to 100MWe

Product Outline

Fortis Ventures (Private) Limited is a leading comprehensive clean energy solution provider. Fortis Ventures is committed to providing customers with one-stop energy solutions including energy supply, energy management, energy conservation and energy storage. We transform the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements into high-end intelligent manufacturing of photovoltaic modules, development, design, construction, operation and financial solutions of photovoltaic power stations, and other key sectors, continuously creating economic, social and ecological value for investors and power users all over the world.

Focusing only on the cost of individual pieces of equipment will not help to drive down the LCOE for solar power generation alone. The total installed cost, including logistics, installation and commissioning, of solar power, must be considered when looking to optimize CAPEX for utility-scale solar power plants. Our integrated solar power station helps to reduce their total installed cost, start-up risks and to improve the overall reliability of the solar power station assets.

We offer customers exceptional flexibility. From a single component to a full power plant, our broad range of products covers a large scope of applications and a wide range of fuels including Coal, Biomass, Gas and Oil. We put our years of steam power expertise to work, generating power that is reliable, efficient, easy to integrate and operate.

Which is why we design and build competitive assets and extend their life cycles.

Which is why we offer more ways than anyone else to generate electricity cleanly.

So we provide balanced and dependable operations of power assets.