Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Engines & Turbines


High Energy Saving
Excellent Insulated
>30 Year Design Life
Water Tube & Smoke Tube Design Flexibility
External Firing Option*
Natural / FOreced Circulation
Compact Arrangement
Modular Design

Product Outline

The heat recovery boiler adopts modular design where the module components can be flexibly regulated, which is favorable for assembly on site. In addition, the modules assembled in factory facilitate to the strict control and consistency of quality control in production, while ensuring that the system can be on-line as scheduled.

HRSG boiler composes of flue gas inlet, boiler proper, flue gas outlet. The boiler proper comprises evaporator tubes, economizer, boiler steel (with casing), platform& ladder, boiler shell and outer casing, insulation materials. Accessories for boiler proper are safety valve, muffler and so on.

Typical Users



Paper & Board

Edible Oil

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